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The better way to explain your UX/UI design

Being UX/UI designers, we are not only creating the design that works, but we need to explain the rationale behind our designs to other stakeholders, who could be users, clients, development team, investors or product owners, etc. By doing that, we are helping others to

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Optimize your UI design process with Component-driven strategy

uring the past years, we have been trying to improve our design process in order to make the team more productive, shorten design lead time, and decrease the cost of changes. Since the design tools which have strong collaboration features released, such as Figma and

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HX (Human Experience) — Keep it in mind to create more value

When you create more value, you become more valuable. We are talking a lot about UX — User Experience or CX — Customer Experience and those terms sound very specific to a domain or very technical. But think simply, I believe whatever-experience, it is the

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Designer and Developer: We are in the same boat!

FOR A HAPPY DESIGNER X DEVELOPER COLLABORATION The collaboration between Designer (Des) and Developer (Dev) in a project is always one of the essential criteria to drive the project to success. In order to have a great collaboration throughout the project, choosing the right communication approach plays a critical