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Graphic Design Intern

Become a part of our Creative Crew

‣ You will work closely with UXUI Designers, Graphic Designers and Copywriters on the Discover-Design-Deliver journey to magnificent user experiences.

‣ Y(our) success is attributed to your Adventure ADN ;), creative skills, passion for the user experience, and commitment to positive everlasting impacts on society.

Type of employment
Reports to
Ky Pham (Creative Director & Founder)
Time commitment
Fulltime (40h/week) or
Part-time (20h/week)
Work from home
Duration of contract
03 months
Recruitment open to
Vietnamese & International candidates
Application Deadline

19 March, 2022 (GMT+7)

Your CreativeAdventure Experience

At CreativeAdventure, y(our) success matters.

Your personal & professional experience are purposeful drives for our adventure journey


Every day at work & every impacts you deliver to the society


With Training & Coaching by our seniors, & Cutting-edge collaborative tools


At inputs/outputs in weekly meetings, creative & networking sessions


Flexible schedule, monthly allowance, learning budget, special events and company activities


To commit yourself with opportunities on the creative career path


With the opportunity to officially join the Creative Crew on the next adventure

Your CreativeAdventure Journey

Your CA Journey

‣ Responsible for all Graphic Design outputs/deliverables AND
‣ Coordinate with other Crew members to ensure the success of CreativeAdventure 4Cs Projects

Creative Resources


Creative Campaigns

Communication Channels

Creative Utilities

Adventure Design System

Collaborative Effort & Will

With Startups and NPOs

Your Profile

Your DNA

‣ Know-how with professional design tools (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.).
‣ Artistic sensibility of design elements (check it out our DESIGNFOREVERYONE).
‣ Good English communication skills.
‣ Highly embody CreativeAdventure values of thoughtful problem solving & team player.
‣ Strong appreciation of Quality outputs, Visual communication effectiveness & Deadlines.

Your DNA “Plus”

‣ Compelling portfolio of graphic design work.
‣ Know-how with professional design tools - Figma.
‣ Know-how with Task management tools (Jira, Trello, ClickUp, etc.) and Method (Kanban / Scrum).


Serving a bigger mission, commitments create our identity

Our Quality

We commit to the finest creative work, proven by our users’ fascinatingly beautiful smiles and our clients’ vision fulfilled.
Happy image

Your Success

We are passionate about y(our) success. We highly value long-term partnerships that fuel sustainable growth with purposeful drives.
Success Image

Community Values

Growing is dueled with Sharing, at least 5% of our annual equity, profit, time & effort would be dedicated to the community.
Non Profit Image

Bingo! It’s a Match!

‣ Please send your CV and portfolio in English to or press “Apply here” to use our application form
‣ Please note that the interview will be in English


We are open!

🇻🇳 +84 932 423 423
🇺🇸 +1 (808) 589 8365